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Try it out today!

In partnership with Junior Achievement (JA), Range Resources recently developed an educational augmented reality app for students about natural gas. Junior Achievement is a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. To do that, JA creates programs in which professionals may share their experiences with students from local school districts. Have some fun navigating the app at home to learn more about natural gas!

  1. Download the BizTown app on your smart phone by opening the app store and searching “JA BizTown.” The icon is green, and you’ll also see a preview including Range’s logo.

  2. Once the app is opened, use the attached images or “triggers” by running your phone camera over the images. You can either print them out, or they also work from your computer screen. 

  3. The app will walk you step by step through educational activities about natural gas!

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Range Resources Junior Achievement Augmented Reality App: 

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