Southwest PA STEM Fest

August 15 - September 26, 2020
Due to COVID - 19, our event is virtual!
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Thank you for participating! Even though the STEM Fest is over you can still TRY  THE ACTIVITIES.  Just click the logo below.


A Virtual STEM Fest!

We are excited to be able to return this year for our second annual SWPA STEM Fest! Since we cannot bring our event to downtown Washington this year, we are inviting you to join us online! 

We will be bringing STEM activities, projects, speakers, and online events to our community through August and September 2020.


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A Community of Innovators

We are excited for you to join us and explore the advancements in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering , and Math) within our local businesses and schools in Southwestern PA.

We are asking businesses and educational institutions to give their support and take this opportunity to share how STEM applies to their area of focus through an engaging demonstration or by providing an activity that can be shared on our website during this VIRTUAL event.

Highlights of the 2019 SWPA STEM Fest

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Southwest PA STEM Fest

Virtual Event

August 15 - September 26, 2020

The Southwest PA STEM Fest is organized by the Southwest PA STEM Fest Committee, along with What About STEAM LLC and City of Washington Citywide Development Corporation.
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